With more than 10 years of experience, we can guarantee a very high quality.


We make the difference to have a long term partnership in mind. We look for the win-win for both partners.


ThinkEOS is a certified Web integrator, SAP and Tableau partner.


We won the award of 'best platform solution' and we are mentioned in several newspapers.

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Our expertise

Our expertise and passion in Finance and Business Intelligence allows us to measure performance, analyzing customer behavior, trends, process mining, data mining, data warehousing and writing sector specific articles.

Founder of MijnKapitaal.be a Financial Portal with > 30 000 members.

Customer satisfaction
Proven Success
Projects within deadline

ThinkEOS helps to solve issues, create additional value, maximise your growth and improve business performance for small and big organisations.

Business Consultancy

ThinkEOS is your partner to improve the success of your organization. We help you to improve and optimize your business performance for small and bigger companies.

From €499

  • Analyze the needs
  • Define Key Performance Indicator
  • Implement the solution in order to create value
  • Evaluate the results


We offer services such as Business Intelligence, Analytics, Dashboarding, Website Building, defining Key Performance Indicators. We are certified in SAP BO, SAP SAC and Tableau Software.

The work load changes from week to week. Please contact us to get more information about our agenda.


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