Q8 Petroleum | ThinkEOS

Project Description


ThinkEOS was responsible for the migration of their BO Environment from BO 6.5 to BO XI 3.1 and improve the universe and
reporting functionalities (adding joins, contexts, classes, objects, hierarchies). This involved the fundamental redesign of the
core universe due to changes in the underlying SQL database. He also designed the data warehouse model which allows
them to track site-activity (competitor station information) and directly reported to the management and CIO of Q8 Petroleum.

At Q8 Petroleum, ThinkEOS was responsible for the following technical tasks:

  • Data warehouse modelling (StarSchema schema/Snowflake normalized dimensions)
  • Redesign of the core universe
  • BO Reporting training to the CIO of Q8 Petroleum
  • Migrating the BO 6.5 environment to BOE XI 3.1.
  • BO Business Objects InfoView, Web Intelligence, Designer, CMC, Import Wizard SAP BOE BI 4.0, SAP BI Launch
    Pad, SAP Advanced Analysis, SAP Dashboards 4.0.